Meditation Podcasts

This is the best podcast or audio series I've found. It's a complete and thorough meditation program. It provides fundamentals, theory, best practices and quality guided meditations. The Insight Meditation Center is a Buddhist Center teaching Vipassana meditation.

The Impermanence of Emotion

Insight into change is central to dealing with our emotions. Becoming equanimous during change and emotional storms is one of the keys to growing spiritually and personally. This means we need to learn to observe our emotional responses, to step back from them, not to identify with them and become them. This is a means to freedom. The Buddha’s last words were: “All conditioned things are impermanent. Strive on with diligence.”

Jungian Dream Interpretation

There are many theories about the nature of dreams. Freud believed that dreams are created to protect sleep, which could be disrupted by socially unacceptable wishes. Carl Jung argues that dreams are windows to our unconscious, a way for the conscious and unconscious mind to communicate. Others theorists believe that dreams regulate our mood or communicate something that we aren't saying outright.

Introduction to Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche is one of our favorite philosophers. We highly recommend reading his works. We noted before that one shouldn't read him if one is already a bit depressed, as his writings have a tendency to exacerbate that state. It's odd though. I only really find myself wanting to read Nietzsche when I am in less than high spirits, so it's not really clear which comes first, the reading or the melancholy.