Your birthday and Numerology

Each number in your life is important. In numerology, you can look at these numbers and find out who you should be and what you are meant to do. One of the most important personal data used in numerology is your date of birth. This is not a minor, random numbers. This is something that affects you the rest of your life. And not only it is used to determine the amount of life path, it can also be used to determine the annual theme in your life.

There are two numbers in numerology profile that uses your birth date, this includes your way of life and your year number. You only need one way, and this number is reduced from the date of birth. On the other hand, there are nine issues per year. It goes through a cycle of life path as the first of the year. This means that if you were born with a life path number 5, your personal number, when you include the two would be a 6.

Your Life Path number is a number that will remain the same throughout your life. This will affect who you are and what you paid. It is often used to determine the choice of profession, because it can reveal their innate strengths and weaknesses. If you want to know who is actually a man, then you should look with so many of their own. There are 9 different life path numbers, as well as a master of numbers, which are considered particularly important.

In contrast to the way of life, which is static, your phone number, the move to 9-year cycle. The cycle begins with the 1st year and ends in year 9. Your month of birth and the number of birth are used to determine your personal year. These reductions will be added this year. For example, you were born on September 21, then your number is the year for 2011 7. Keep in mind that individual years beginning January 1, but instead he starts on his birthday and proceeds to the next one.