Did you know these facts about Numerology

The main numbers used in the numerology are all equivalent, one to another. It is important to understand numbers principle. Each of core numbers has both positive and negative features, which should not be skiped in any case. This is important for any life aspect, including business, career, health and love. The word "Malefic" itself has a Latin origin and means "bad", and that creates certain attitude towards malefic numbers. They indicate an abuse in one of the person’s previous lives which has to be counterpoised in this life. And they are especially important when located in the Life Path, Soul Urge, Day of Birth, or one of other key positions.

Malefic number in the Soul Urge will intervene with the person's private life, disconcerting his hopes and expectations. In the Expression, it will intervene with the career, numerology business environment and other outer life aspects. Found on the Life Path, it will have an influence on all the aspects of the person's life.
The name is only a part of the things which form the person's fate. But the date of birth, regardless of the place of birth, is much more comprehensive. Its numbers show additional traits of the person’s character and personality, but they mainly reflect the general indications of the events that can possibly happen during some defined periods of his live.

To calculate the Life Path, just add together all the digits in the birth date and add the sum together until you get a number from 1 to 9. The number you get will describe the general trend and direction of your life. There are special master numbers for numerology life path 11, life path 22 and 33.

You can also calculate the shorter periods and summits of your life, departing from your date of birth. In this way you can better understand the experience you gained in the past or you have to gain in the future, during the specific periods of your life.

The ways you choose and the challenges you get come from your birth date, which consists of the numerology information about the year, month and day of your birth. There numbers can be your "life guide" helping you to prepare for the experience you have to face.