Wondering if Numerology works?

Some years ago metaphysical sciences attracted me a lot, particularly numerology.
May be numerology is one of the super physical sciences that is less comprehensible and known. But right now it is becoming very popular in our society. There are two questions about which I am concerned right now. First, if this rebirth of science is caused by recent global problems that our society is facing now. And the second is could a science help in resolving this problems.

Basic principles of numerology say that all the things that are present and occur in our world is affected and created by numbers. This science had been written down during the whole existence of civilization. Now they say that it is the oldest science that humanity knew.

In the beginning of Jewish history they believed that it is very important to interpret numbers. All the letters in Jewish alphabet were originated from numbers. Also they believed that the interrelation between numbers and letters is made on a cosmic level. Then in Middle Ages this belief was developed in teachings of Merkabah that was Judaism sect. Later, in thirteenth century Kabbalists from Germany evolved Gematria. It is an occult explanation of Scriptures.

Numerology was also used and developed in ancient Rome, Japan, Greece and China. We have received a countless amount of scientific and technological information from ancient Greeks. As time goes by this data becomes more appropriate. Also it is a philosopher from Greece whose name is Pythagoras to whom we should be thankful for these modern adaptations of Numerology. Pythagoras didn’t create numerology. Only his theories took it to some other level. That is why he is named a father of numerology.
Since the beginning of the previous century, some philosophers and scientists modernized numerology to a form you see it today.
But still they can not say if it works.