Astrology books review

Many cultures look for the sky and see the divine god in it. Many refer to the alteration in stars and planets as a cosmic dance. This term is used for describing it in a grand scale. But on the intimate scale, the pattern change is going on for each and every person in the planet. Astrology is thus the study of patterns and relationships of planets in motion, birth chart, synchronisation with others and the makeup of elements. Astrology is the study by which we interpret significance for our lives into the motion of the stars and planets. The planetary movements influence the moments in time.

Since we are a part of the universe, our moment of birth as recorded on the celestial clock possesses great meanings. The astrological birth chart is a powerful tool and with it, we can gain a deep knowledge of one’s unique gifts, challenges, talents and life’s purpose. Deciphering the information in a birth chart, we can understand and remember astrology in a personally meaningful way.

And once we learn the basics of astrology, we can read the birth charts of ourselves and others. Astrology is a tool of self- discovery. At the beginning, it may seem that things occur randomly in life, but persistent study of birth chart will reveal that everything in the world occurs for a reason. There are 3 parts to any birth chart. They are planet, sign and house. There’s a blending between these three, which is taught by astrology. The signs must be learnt in the first place because each sign’s energy has a reputation. Gemini is chatty, gossipy and a bright wit. Scorpio is sultry and intense. The books generally pay special attention to the three areas of popular interest among public like career, relationships and money.